New Frosti tap


The outside tap that cannot freeze
Providing an innovative solution to protect your home from frozen outdoor taps… and protecting you via Legionella Prevention.

Introducing the small addition to your home that makes a BIG difference. The innovative Kemper Frosti® Tap is designed to protect you from the costly expense of burst pipes and the dangerous health effects of stagnant water.

This amount is even more significant for second or multiple home owners, where properties may remain unoccupied for long periods of time. If one of these empty properties has a leak, a potential of 9,600 litres of water could be lost. The installation of a Frosti® Tap will prevent the freezing that leads to pipes bursting, saving you money and hassle.

Frost proof and hygienic unlike regular outdoor taps the Frosti® tap is specially designed to seal off within the warm bricked area of the building. When the tap is turned off it fully drains. This simple innovation ensures that no water is left in the tap or pipe when it is not being used, meaning there is nothing left to freeze.