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Can grout between tiles become porous?

By MPH Admin | 29th September 2023

Your tiles have become discoloured from water or dirt, or the grout is starting to show signs of wear and tear. Then it’s time to apply a fresh sealer to your tile grout if you’ve noticed porous grout. Let’s look…

Worcester Greenstar 1000 Product Training

By MPH Admin | 6th September 2023

News for Worcester Product Enthusiasts! Attention all Worcester product enthusiasts! We have some thrilling news for you. You are cordially invited to an exclusive product training session hosted by Anthony Roberts from Worcester on the groundbreaking Greenstar 1000 range. This…

Interior Trends

By MPH Admin | 22nd May 2023

It’s that time of year again, when everyone’s attention turns to the upcoming year’s most important trends in interior design. Whether you’re stuck for ideas or just curious about what’s on the horizon, being abreast of current fashion trends is…

How to Create a Stunning Backsplash

By MPH Admin | 22nd May 2023

Decorative tile backsplashes can transform your kitchen or bathroom into a more interesting space and also make sink areas easy to clean. You have countless options for finding the right ones since there are so many different materials and designs…


New Colore Bathrooms Range

By Laura Barber | 28th February 2023

We are pleased to offer you a new range of bathroom elements from leading brand Mereway. The new Colore range offers 64 different finishes on a wide range of brand-new products including decors, cabinets, basins, and accessories, giving you the ultimate design potential and flexibility for your home.

Viessmann Increases Standard Warranty for Entire Vitodens Range to Seven Years

By MPH Admin | 15th February 2023

Viessmann increases standard warranty for entire Vitodens residential boiler range to seven years.

smoke alarms

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide alarms are compulsory from 1st October 2022

By MPH Admin | 13th October 2022

Introduction Smoke and Carbon Monoxide alarms are compulsory in all homes from 1st October 2022. This legislation will affect all landlords, tenants, and anyone who owns their own home and is responsible for fire safety. It is important that you…

Tips on how to save energy at home and help the planet

By Laura Barber | 4th August 2022

After the release of the Government’s Heat and Buildings Strategy, laying out plans to tackle the issue, we look at the key things we can do to reduce the carbon footprint of our homes and the cost.


By MPH Admin | 24th May 2022

Not all ensuites are big, but more importantly don’t they say that all good things come in small packages? The trick is in maximising the rooms potential by organising it in such a way that it gives the impression of…

3 Ways to Save Water

By MPH Admin | 4th March 2022

How can you save water at home? These three ways to save water will help you keep your household more eco-friendly and your wallet fuller than ever before.