Gledhill StainlessLite System Plus Indirect

Gledhill StainlessLite System Plus Indirect

Product Features
• Available Sizes 120 Litre, 150 Litre, 180 Litre, 210 Litre, 250 Litre, 300 Litre
• B rated up to 210L
• Designed with flat top to increase insulation
• Wide base to improve unit stability
• Quality components ensure a reliable, durable product
• Designed to be fitted with system boilers
• Manifold configuration comes complete with two heating zones
• Tappings vertically aligned for easier pipework connections
• Pre-plumbed kit guarantees standardised pipe configuration for efficient new-build installations
• Fitting template helps speed up installation
• Corrugated coil provides increased heat transfer and prevention of scale build up
• Optional heating expansion kit available at time of order
• Optional room thermostats available at time of order, with one and two channels, to allow for two heating zones

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Based on the StainlessLite Pre-Plumbed, the Stainlesslite System Plus offers a ‘plug & play’ solution for use with system boilers.

Designed with the new build housing market in mind, the StainlessLite System Plus provides a system boiler alternative to the StainlessLite Pre-Plumbed, whilst still offering the pre-plumbed benefits to reduce installation time and a standardised configuration across multiple dwelling sites.

Available in 6 sizes ranging 120 litres to 300 litres, the indirect cylinder also benefits from the key features within the StainlessLite range, with a wide base to improve stability, colour matched components to improve appearance and a 25 year warranty, promising you peace of mind.