Gledhill StainlessLite Plus Heat Pump Duo

Gledhill StainlessLite Plus Heat Pump Duo

Product Features

•Available Sizes 200 Litre, 300 Litre
•2.5 – 4m2 Corrugated Steel Coil
•Multi-pass Coil Technology
•70L Internal Buffer Tank built into the cylinder
•Designed to work with all the major air and ground source heat pump
•Lightest Cylinder on the market

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Built from the ground up the Gledhill Heat Pump Duo cylinder has been specifically designed to work with air and ground source heat pumps. The Gledhill heat pump cylinder is a 2-in-1 cylinder design that features a 70L internal buffer tank removing the need of using an external buffer storage tank and offering space saving capabilities.

As the Heat Pump Duo cylinder has been designed and engineered to work with all major heat pump cylinders, the Gledhill Duo utilises a 2.5 – 4m² corrugated steel coil offering a larger surface area. Together with Gledhill’s unique multi-pass technology which incorporates 3 heat exchange coils within the cylinder allows the heat pump duo cylinder to simultaneously heat 3 individual areas which increases efficiency and overall increases the efficiency in which the heat pump cylinder heats the water.

An additional benefit of the 70L internal buffer tank that the Gledhill heat pump cylinder features is that this tank stores the heat generated by the heat pump which keeps the water warmer for longer but also filters that heat through the radiator system the central heating system hot just like traditional boiler operated system which in turn allows the heat pump to work more efficiently at heating water. In addition, as the cylinder is made from high quality duplex stainless steel, the Gledhill heat pump duo cylinder is one of the lightest cylinders on the market.