Midea 13kW Heatpump for Heating & Hot Water & 200 Litre Standard Heat Pump Unvented Cylinder

Midea 13kW Heatpump for Heating & Hot Water & 200 Litre Standard Heat Pump Unvented Cylinder

As a complete all in one outdoor box solution, the MIDEA range is extremely good value and powerful to boot

In 2018, Forbes Global named Midea as the world’s 253rd largest business following sales of over $40bn. They now manufacture 1 in every 5 air conditioning systems sold in Europe.

Midea are so confident in their product reliability that they are offering the industry’s first 10-year warranty.

Whats Included:-
1 x Midea Monobloc Heat Pump
1 x Midea Flexi Adapter (Pair) 1″ BSPM to 1¼” BSPF, with Washers (For 7.3kW, 8kW, 11kW, 13kW Models Only)
1 x 28mm Filterball with 2 x 1” BSPM to 28mm Compression and Washers
1 x Flexi-Hose Pre-Insulated 28mm Diameter (Pair)
2 x 28mm Lever Ball Valve
1 x Grundfos Pump 25/7 with Cable, Valves And Washers
1 x 28mm 3 Port Diverter Valve Honeywell
1 x Ethylene Glycol 25 Litre
1 x Low Loss Header with Fittings for Single Unit Install
1 x 32Amp Rotary Isolator
1 x Electric Meter for Standard Installs – new 2mc wide
1 x Teslo T-Smart Retrofit Head
1 x Auto Air Vent 15mm
1 x Domestic Heat Pump 200 Litre Hot Water Cylinder
1 x Delivery to UK Mainland

• 10-YEAR WARRANTY – Have confidence in your Midea heat pump with 10-year warranty as standard
• ON BOARD INTERNET – Internet connectivity allows you to monitor the heat pump and system from anywhere in the world. Never come back to a cold home again!
• SO, SO QUIET – Engineered to be no louder than 35db(A) at 3m, the M Thermal range should never bother the neighbours.
• R32 REFRIGERANT – With a global warming potential of 675 (two-thirds less than R410a), R32 is much better for the environment.
• SUPER EFFICIENT – 503%* efficiency at a 35 degree flow temperature puts this range in a class of it’s own! *MHC-V8