Herock Knee Pads Orange

Herock Knee Pads Orange

Product Features

•Comfortable, pre-shaped knee protection
•EN 14404:2004+A1:2010
•100% ethylene vinyl acetate

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Professional knee pads are a must-have for work, gardening, traveling, skating, scooter cycling and other outdoor activities. They provide soft and ergonomic support. Their design makes them suitable both for men and women, and quality materials ensure that even after a full day of kneeling your knees won’t feel fatigued.

This collection holds the basic needs of everybody who’s eager to go to work: whether you’re a professional doing your daily job or just a motivated handyman with a passion for home improvement, every search for the right tools begins here. The articles in this collection only carry the HEROCK® logo on the inside, which makes them perfect for adding extra prints or embroideries. Ideal if you’ve got a business to advertise!