Compression Equal Tee

Compression Equal Tee

Compression Plumbing Fittings Manufactured to BS EN 1254-2:1998 and WRAS approved. Most compression fittings are available from stock in sizes 8mm – 54mm. These fittings are suitable for use when creating joints with a copper tube to EN1057 and are ideal where the use of flames is impossible or permitted. Pipes can be joined together at an angle using compression elbows. As they can be installed using a spanner without the use of heat or solder, compression elbows are simple to install. These items are excellent for both hot and cold systems and can be used on wet piping.

Please always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for the correct application. All parts should be fitted by a qualified plumber.

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Product features:

• Heat-free joints can be made where installation would be otherwise prohibited
• Compression fitting can be taken apart and re-made with a new ring
• Suitable for hot and cold-water services, heating installations and fuel services
• Suitable in low pressure gas pipework in domestic premises using copper tube
• Suitable for installation on wet pipework
• For repairs and maintenance where complete draining of pipework is difficult
• WRAS approved
• Manufactured in the UK to EN1254-2
• Compatible with copper tube manufactured to BS EN 1057

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Available sizes 8-54mm