Price updates

Please find our latest supplier price increases below:

Viessmann NEW Viessmann Vitodens 050-W 3% Sep-21
Vitodens 100-W Heat Only 3% Sep-21
IMI Selected products 10-12% Sep-21
Methven All products 6% Sep-21
Bristan All products 7.5% Sep-21
Barwick Bathroom brands 7% Sep-21
Tavistock 5% Sep-21
Francis Peglar 7% Sep-21
Sommer 14% Sep-21
Ideal Bathrooms Selected brands 3-7.5% Sep-21
Barco Adey 3.9-5% Sep-21
Ariston Anris Lux 10% Sep-21
Ariston Aures  36% Sep-21
Denso Tape  TBC Sep-21
Flamco  4-15% Sep-21
Pegler  7% Sep-21
Salamander Pumps 4-8% Sep-21
Taurus Toilet Seats  3% Sep-21
Tools TBC Sep-21
F W Hipkin Polyplumb 6% Sep-21
Polypipe All products 6% Sep-21
Ariston All products 5% Sep-21
Ideal Boilers Selected products 5% Sep-21
F W Hipkin Selected brands 6% Sep-21
Mercian Initatives Resin baths 10% Sep-21
Worcester Bosch Filter products 5% Oct-21
Gledhill All products 5% Oct-21
F W Hipkin McAlpine products 8% Oct-21
Aliaxis Selected products 6.8-8.2% Oct-21
Honeywell All products 7% Oct-21
Barco Selected products 4-25% Oct-21
Eco Bathrooms All products 7.5% Oct-21
M-Press fittings All Copper product 7% Nov-21
Stainless Steel Fittings 7% Nov-21
Stainless Pipes 9% Nov-21
Carbon Steel Fittings 7% Nov-21
Carbon Steel Pipes 9% Nov-21
Valves 7% Nov-21
Unipress pipes and fittings  7% Nov-21
Masterflow Selected products 6-8% Nov-21
Purmo Group Myson  (selected products) 5-10% Nov-21
Purmo (selected products) 5-10% Nov-21
Vogel & Noot (selected products) 5-10% Nov-21
Euroshowers All products 9% Nov-21
Imex All products Please speak to a member of staff Nov-21
Ideal Bathrooms Selected brands 4-35% Nov-21
APP Wholesale Vaillant and Glow.worm boilers (excluding Glow.worm compact) 2.5% Nov-21
Kartel K-RAD Kompact  10% Nov-21
K-RAD K-FLAT 10% Nov-21
Cubralco Selected products 5-12% Nov-21
TFC Group All products 5% Nov-21
Calmag All products 6% Dec-21
Masterflow All products 7% Dec-21
FM Products Selected products 9% Dec-21
Purmo Group Myson, Purmo and Emmeti products 5% Dec-21
Ideal Bathrooms Essential Furniture - (excluding Alaska + Montana) 8% Dec-21
Malmo Flooring 10% Dec-21
Nuance 8-12% Dec-21
Pura PURACAST free-standing baths 10% Dec-21
Mark Vitow Selected products 5-21% Dec-21


Smiths Briten All products 6% Jan-22
Delabie All products 4% Jan-22
Stainless steel sanitaryware 7% Jan-22
Zilmet All products 8-15% Jan-22
Inta All products 3-14% Jan-22
Altecnic All products 4-12% Jan-22
Ideal Bathrooms April Shower trays (stone resin + anti-slip) 5% Jan-22
April Shower trays (slate effect) 7.5% Jan-22
April Trays 7.5% Jan-22
Aquadart 7.5% Jan-22
Armitage Shanks 3% Jan-22
Ideal Standard 3% Jan-22
Essential Alaska furniture 21% Jan-22
Essential Doc M 4% Jan-22
Essential Ocean VC 8% Jan-22
Geberit 3.5-8% Jan-22
Grohe 4.9% Jan-22
Ideal Standard 3% Jan-22
MX Trays 5.5% Jan-22
Niagara Brassware 5% Jan-22
Showerwall Acrylic Panels 8% Jan-22
Proplas PVC Wall Panelling 15% Jan-22
Saniflo 7% Jan-22
Splashpanel PVC Wall Panelling 10% Jan-22
Flova All products 9-10% Jan-22
Smiths Briten Selected products 3-27% Jan-22
Monument Tools All products 10.41% Jan-22
Inventive Creations All products 10% Jan-22
Monarch Water All products Please ask a member of staff Jan-22
Ferroli Commercial boilers 5% Jan-22
Commercial boiler accessories 10% Jan-22
Domestic boilers  5% Jan-22
Domestic boiler accessories 5% Jan-22
Electric water heaters - 30ltrs and under 15% Jan-22
Electric water heaters - 50ltrs and over (SEV’s) 5% Jan-22
Gas water heaters - CPA 13% Jan-22
Gas water heaters - SKY Eco  3% Jan-22
Electric boilers 15% Jan-22
MX Group Elements, Silhouette, Contract, Expressions, Ducolite, Ducostone 6% Jan-22
Mineral slate ultra low profile 4% Jan-22
Classic high wall ABS and Gel coat finish 8-10% Jan-22
Tray panel kits 7% Jan-22
Shower tray accessories 7% Jan-22
Mexco All products 6% Jan-22
Nu-style Products Perform panel product 9.5% Jan-22
ECF Selected products 4-7% Jan-22
Triton All products 3% Jan-22
Gledhill Selected products 5-6.5% Jan-22
Regin High temperature silicone sealants 5% Jan-22
Liquid Science Selected products (please speak to a member of staff) 8-400% Jan-22
Maincor Austroflex products TBC Jan-22
Rob Pond Selected products 4-15% Jan-22
FW Hipkin Selected products 4.5-10% Jan-22
STH Westco Selected products 10-15% Jan-22
Barco Selected products 2-20% Jan-22
Wavin Selected products 7.5-10.1% Jan-22
Davant All products (excluding a select few ranges) 12.5% Feb-22
Coram Selected products 8-50% Feb-22
Pitacs Compact 4, Planal, Lanner 10% Feb-22
Lakes All products 11% Feb-22
Mark Vitow All products 11% Feb-22
Viessmann Product technologies and accessories  4.5% Feb-22
Ideal Bathrooms Essential
VC: Fuchsia, Ivy, Jasmine, Lily Lavender, Orchid & Violet 21% Feb-22
Essential towel warmers 10% Feb-22
Just Trays 8.6% Feb-22
Lazzarini 10% Feb-22
RAK 21% Feb-22
S20 and Integra 12% Feb-22
V-Care & Aquacare 10% Feb-22
Fitting pack for BIBO & SISO a 9.8% Feb-22
All other products  6% Feb-22
EPH controls Controls 8% Feb-22
TRV range 10% Feb-22
Stearn All products 5-6% Feb-22