Manufacturer Price Updates

Carrara and Matta All products 6.73% Jan-21
Lakes All products 4.5% Jan-21
Arctic Hayes Tools and Consumables  2.95% Jan-21
Pro Pro Doc M Packs 19% Jan-21
Flamco Flexvents 5% Jan-21
Aqualisa Shower and Spare (excluding smart range) 5% Jan-21
Methven All products 6% Jan-21
Ideal Bathrooms Variety of products 2-6.5% Jan-21
Kartell Variety of products 1.5-10% Jan-21
PJH Bathrooms to Love 2.5% Jan-21
PJH Prima appliances 3.5% Jan-21
Smiths Briten Variety of brands 3-6% Jan-21
Sanica Variety of products 5-12% Jan-21
Mark Vitow Honeywell products only 2% Jan-21
Claygate Selected brands 2.5-5% Jan-21
Cubralco Variety of products 5-9% Feb-21
Alpha Evoke combi boilers 5% Feb-21
Ferroli Selected boiler & water heaters 7% Feb-21
TFC Group All products 4% Feb-21
The Beck Company All products 3.4-5.5% Feb-21
Inta Selected products 6% Feb-21
Lakes Showering Spaces Container surcharge costs 15% Feb-21
Davant All products 6.5% Feb-21
Barco Variety of products 3-11% Feb-21
Lecico All products 6% Feb-21
Alliance All products 7% Feb-21
Mercian Initiatives Eden products 5-8% Feb-21
Mercian Initiatives IQU products 5% Feb-21
Mercian Initiatives Cladding 5% Feb-21
APP Plumbing & Heating Selected products TBC Feb-21
Barwick Crosswater bathroom brands 5% Feb-21
International Decorative Surfaces Splashpanel, Proplas, Basix 10% Feb-21
Claygate Selected brands 6% Feb-21
Altecnic All products 3-7% Mar-21
Joule Unvented cylinders (all groups) 4.5% Mar-21
Joule Underfloor heating 4.5% Mar-21
Joule Heat pumps and pre-plumbed heatpump cylinders 4.5% Mar-21
Aliaxis Hunter, Marley & Multikwik 5.5% Mar-21
Liquid Science All products 4% Mar-21
RAK ceramics All products 3% Mar-21
Pitacs ULTRAHEAT Compact Panel Convector Radiator Range 7% Mar-21
Pitacs ULTRAHEAT Premier Designer Towel Rail & Radiator Range 6% Mar-21
Pitacs ULTRAHEAT Premier Column Radiator Range 3% Mar-21
Pitacs ULTRAHEAT Electrical Towel Rail Range 6% Mar-21
Pitacs ULTRAHEAT & AEON Valves 6% Mar-21
Pitacs AEON Sculptural Heating – Radiator & Towel Rail Range 6% Mar-21
FM Products All products 4% Mar-21
FM Products Electrical trunking & accessories 10% Mar-21
Ideal Bathrooms Selected products 5-10% Mar-21
Roper Rhodes ALL Roper Rhodes, R2, & Select Products. 5.95% Mar-21
Embrass Selected products 2.5-24% Mar-21
Claygate Selected brands 3-3.5% Mar-21
Merlyn All products 7% Apr-21
Bristan All products Average 5% Apr-21
Embrass Selected products 5-7% Apr-21
Claygate Selected brands 3.8-6% Apr-21
Purmo Group Myson, Purmo and Vogel & Noot product ranges 4-14% May-21
Grant Engineering Selected products 5.3% May-21
Embrass Selected products 2-12% May-21
Fernox Selected products 2-6% May-21
Claygate Vitra 2.5% May-21