MPH supports Torquay family in DIY SOS

MPH Plumbing & Heating has donated materials to a Torquay family in need as part of the BBC 1 series DIY SOS: The Big Build.

Single dad, Stuart (47) has suffered with progressive Multiple Sclerosis since daughter Lauren (15) was born. Stuart - who is 6’ 7” tall – lives and sleeps in a chair in the living-room as he can’t get himself back upstairs without help and struggles to navigate the home in his wheelchair.

Stuart’s primary carer is his mum, Lin (73) who is completely blind. Amazingly, Lin has been walking across town from her rented flat to Stuart’s house, 7-days a week to cover all his personal care – without even a guide dog.

“Lin is beyond unique: blind, independent, charming and inspiring - an incredible carer to Stuart, and a much-needed mum to Lauren. As well as the impractical house and need for Lin’s practical care – the family are physically, and emotionally, living apart. Lauren needs Lin more than ever as she copes with her dad’s illness at a key time in her life.” Says the shows researcher Jack Moody.

He goes on to say “She has found her childhood years exceptionally tough. Lauren adores Lin, and their bond is unique and moving. She’s grown up as a young carer but has also struggled to come to terms with her challenging family situation. Not having Lin at home during those tough moments when life has felt overwhelming, has made this young girl’s journey that bit tougher.”

The Torquay based merchant were able to supply a thorough list of plumbing items for the project, including underground waste and soil materials.

This renovation not only enables Lin to care for Stuart more easily but allows Lin, Stuart and Lauren to unite under one roof to care for each other physically and emotionally and a weight can be lifted from their shoulders.

MPH was delighted to provide the materials for the build. Marketing Manager, Alex Priddle said “We take pride in supporting the local communities around our branches. The family are very deserving of this renovation and we were glad to be able to contribute along with the 200 local tradesmen. We wish Stuart and his family the best and hope they will be very happy in their new home.”