Glowworm Energy LPG Combi Boiler 30kw

Glowworm Energy LPG Combi Boiler 30kw

The Energy LPG 30kW boiler is a highly efficient boiler that is small enough to fit perfectly in a kitchen cupboard. The Energy LPG boiler comes with an attractive modern design, bright easy-to-use interface and a choice of controls.

A high quality, compact LPG boiler

Glow-worm’s Energy LPG boiler is built right here in the UK at Glow-worm’s award winning factory in Belper. It uses an aluminium heat exchanger which is designed to last longer, easier to maintain and reduce your energy bills. The heat exchanger is also super quiet – you’ll barely even hear your boiler when it’s on!

The compact size gives great flexibility to install it in more spaces, including kitchen cupboards.

The Energy LPG boiler also has a highly efficient, modulating Grundfos pump which lowers your running costs as it deftly adapts to the actual heating and hot water demand in your home.

Features & benefits

  • Compact size allows it to be installed in most places – including kitchen cupboards
  • High efficiency – lower running costs
  • Choice of controls – easy to use and control your boiler
  • Warm start function – instant and unlimited hot water supply